Navigational Policy

ADAKENT SHIP MANAGEMENT, recognises that safe navigation is fundamental to the safety of life, vessel, cargo and the environment.

The Company Policy is to ensure that all vessels strictly follow International Collision Avoidance Regulations (COLREGS) and follow the good navigational practice as per ICS-Bridge Procedure Guide.

Company procedures are laid down to enhance the above and to address effective command, control, communication and management requirements to navigate safely.

These include:

  • Allocating bridge watch-keeping duties and responsibilities for navigational procedures;
  • Voyage planning and execution;
  • Navigational Checklists;
  • Essential navigation equipment and main and auxiliary machinery are available and fully operational;
  • Chart and nautical publication corrections;
  • Specifying Under-Keel requirements;
  • Ship position reporting procedures;
  • Recording of voyage event;
  • Familiarisation, training and handover at crew changes;
  • Identifying any training needs;
  • Advice concerning emergency procedures.